Do you want to borrow big money without unnecessary formalities and pay nothing more? You will definitely like this offer. With Happy Plus Loan you can borrow from 200 to 8,000 USD, and the first payday for a new customer in the amount of up to 2,000 USD will be completely free. See the details of this offer!


Happy Plus Loan – what should you know about this company?

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The Polyton Plus brand belongs to Avery Group. As we have mentioned, by using the services of the Polyton Plus brand, you can apply for a payday loan in the amount of $ 200 to 8,000 for a period of 5 to 45 days. As a new customer, you won’t get more than $ 2,000.

However, before you decide to use the services of Happy Plus Loan, check whether you meet the conditions set by the company. Here they are:

  • age between 19 and 73 years old,
  • Polish nationality,
  • permanent employment,
  • no entries in any debtors’ databases,
  • active email address, bank account and mobile number

If the above criteria are not in your case an obstacle to taking payday loans in Happy Plus Loan, you can proceed to submit the application. To do this, go to the lender’s website, select the amount and repayment period, and then click “Take a loan”.

After completing these steps you will be redirected to the registration form. This document will be needed so that the lender can verify your identity, assess your creditworthiness and set up a special user account for you.

And what questions can you expect in this form? Happy Plus Loan will want to know your personal and contact details and find out in which bank you operate the account.

Providing a bank account number is important for two reasons. First of all, it is on this account that the lender will pay you a potential loan. Secondly, after completing the form, you can do so-called verification transfer. This transaction will allow the lender to check that the bank account owner details match those on the loan application. If so, your identity will be verified positively and the application will be forwarded for consideration. If for some reason you do not want to make such a transfer, you can use the so-called immediate verification.

If you have several accounts, select the bank where the account is maintained by the lender. In this way, both the verification transfer and the subsequent loan transfer will be on the accounts of the recipients much faster than in the case of transactions between different banks. Also remember that you must be the only owner of the bank account provided. For example, if you provide a business account number or an account shared with another person, the lender will not confirm your identity and will automatically reject the application.

Happy Plus Loan ensures that the loan decision is communicated to the customer almost immediately. You will be notified by text and e-mail in just a few minutes about granting a loan or rejecting an application. If the decision is positive, the lender will also immediately transfer the payday loan to your account.

By logging into your client profile you can check all the details of your loan at any time. However, when you repay your liability to the company, you can also submit another loan application here. All you have to do is enter what amount and repayment period you are interested in and the lender will assess whether he can lend you more money.


Free payday loans in Happy Plus Loan

Free payday loans in Happy Plus Loan

If you are a new Happy Plus Loan customer, you can borrow up to $ 2,000 for free. All you have to do is meet the conditions imposed by the lender and you will return the money received within the time limit specified in the contract.


Another payday loan in Happy Plus Loan

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The maximum amount of payday loan in Happy Plus Loan is $ 8,000. You can take this loan for a maximum of 45 days. These are one of the longer repayment periods among instantaneous offers. So if you need more time to return the debt, it is worth using this solution.

Prices of subsequent payday loans in the Happy Plus Loan are not much different from the competition. It results from the provisions of so-called the Anti-Licensing Act, which imposed uniform cost limits on all loan companies.


Plus and BIK loans

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Under the Polish law, Happy Plus Loan must control the creditworthiness of its clients. For this purpose, it uses the services of debtors’ bases such as KRD, BIG Infomonitor or BIG Erif. Unfortunately, negative entries in these registers will result in the rejection of the request for payday pay.

Happy Plus Loan does not, however, directly cooperate with the Credit Information Bureau. However, you must remember that access to the data contained therein is also possible through BIG Infomonitor, which Happy Plus Loan uses.


Refinancing of payday loans in Happy Plus Loan

Refinancing of payday loans in Happy Plus Loan

In the event of repayment problems, any regular customer of the company may apply for refinancing of the contracted commitment. A refinancing loan is granted by another loan company cooperating with Happy Plus Loan.

Each payday loan can be refinanced only for the period for which it was originally taken. The refinancing cost is as much as the fee for a given loan. Detailed prices for this service can be found in the Table of Fees.